You Have a Unique Message Your Clients Are Waiting For

I believe every person is unique who has their own purpose and reasons for coming to Earth.
I also believe your clients are searching for your unique message.
If you have a desire to tap into your uniqueness and turn it into a successful business, I want to help you.

Astrology and Empowerment

In an open field, people tend to unknowingly walk in circles.  What if you had a map for your life, knowing which way to turn?  It turns out you do!

The astrology I practice is rooted in the tangible world.  It's not the newspaper-horoscope stuff.

You could read your natal chart on your own just like you could read a map as you navigate, but it's a lot easier to have a GPS navigate for you.

I'm your GPS. 

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Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Combine my nearly two decades of applying empowerment with the same two decades of applying marketing, and what I can do is unique because I can help you not only identify your purpose and what's unique to you, but also connect it to your customers in a way that speaks to them.

Most empowerment people are not marketers, and most marketers are not into empowerment, but I do both, and that's what sets me apart.

So, no matter what is keeping your business stuck, I have a way to get it unstuck.

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Coaching and Consulting

I tend to focus a lot on 1-on-1 work because that's where I feel I can make the greatest impact.  I prefer to go deeper with individuals than present watered-down messages to the masses.

I take a different approach to digital products.  The foundation my 1-on-1 cliens need is where my products come into play.  And there' s pretty much a 1-on-1 component to everything I do.

When the same themes come up again and again, that's a great indicator to me to make a product on it.  Often my longer-term consulting engagements come with the digital products, so that we can keep the 1-on-1 time hyper-focused on your unique needs, instead of just repeating the same thing over and over again.

This way, you get even more value from the time we invest together.

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Do You Feel the Tug Too?

The tug to take your unique gifts... your purpose... and share them with the world, that is.

For me, it all started with just a knowing... A knowing I was meant for something great in this lifetime.

That tug took me to where I am today, and it can do the same for you too.

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