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What Makes My Method of Astrology Unique

Where I shine when it comes to astrology is problem solving: tell me what’s not going the way you want in your life, and I will:

  1. Find that pattern in your chart
  2. Repeat back in different words how it is playing out
  3. Give you tangible ways to break free from that problem to get your life back on track

Problems in a chart generally show up in two different ways:

  1. The lower expression of planets in their signs, and
  2. The aspects, which are the relationship between the planets

It’s the time I take with the aspects that sets me apart.

By finding the energetic pattern in the chart that relates to the problem, it’s then easy to interpret the pattern.

It’s as if the pattern of the planets with their aspects actually becomes the strategy of the problem that occurs unconsciously.

The way I do this is a gift that I believe is using knowledge that has been lost or forgotten that I ended up rediscovering as I dove into astrology.

Frequently Asked Questions

The information below is simply my reality on the topic...

Which method of astrology do you use, and why do you use it?

I incorporate several different systems in my readings, as well as my own experience.

Here's what I believe...

Anyone who follows the patterns of any system can watch planetary patterns re-emerge and use that in a reading.

What happens then is over time, people develop methods (sometimes known as "rules") to "read" the energy.  These methods are then passed down generationally, and the method lines up with a system to read an energy for a particular purpose.

For example, the branch of astrology known as "horary" where you "ask" the Universe a question and get an answer often uses a house system called Regiomontanus.  The reason is those who learned to read charts to get the answers used that house system.

Likewise, a series of steps to follow an energy pattern exists for Vedic astrology using the Lahiri ayanamsa.

I have developed my own method, starting with tropical, incorporating key components of vedic, and adding experience in, based on the energy patterns I've noticed over the years.

My method often starts with tropical because that tends to work very well for navigating the physical world.  I’ve gotten familiar with the patterns of tropical astrology, and I’ve been able to hear the tropical placements in a person’s language without even knowing their chart.

In my reality, tropical astrology deals with the physical world, whereas vedic astrology deals with the soul.

I often do look at what the soul is asking for in any reading I do, so I do incorporate concepts from vedic into my readings.

My clients tend to be people who have some tangible problem in the physical world, and for that I recommend the approach I take with astrology.

What about the constellations in the sky?

One reality looks at the constellations as the  signs  and another reality believes that the constellations were the markers used to help people decades ago to get an approximation of a placement before computer programs existed.

The reality that considers the constellations being the signs comes from the idea that modern methods of astrology aligned with them back in the past.

Following that through, the other reality looks at the fact that astrologers had to do the mathematical computations by hand, and so instead of having to do this whenever you wanted to know the transits, it became a good-enough approximation to align the planet with a constellation that they named the same name of the signs for simplicity, which lines up with the constellations being the markers.

As I mentioned when describing my method in the previous question, I do believe anyone who follows the patterns of any system can watch planetary patterns re-emerge and use that in a reading with a specific method of interpretation.

So, either reality works.

Which came first - the constellations or the signs?  No one truly knows.  You have to start the zodiac somewhere, and the question of which 0-aries point to use is what leads to interesting conversations among astrologers.

So the question is not whether constellations work or not; it's whether you know the planeatary patterns and meanings for the system you are using.

How do you view the nodal path?

The nodes are one of my favorite topics.  In fact, I made an entire program on them.

I believe you harmonize them the same way you harmonize an opposition ( see this video for details ), with a few important distinctions:

  1. The south node is familiar, a launching pad, something that comes easy but isn’t fulfilling
  2. The north node brings fulfillment, takes effort, can be uncomfortable at first, and can feel unfamiliar
  3. The goal is to bring the north node lessons back to the south to elevate the south to a higher, more refined, blended expression with the north
  4. To do that, one must connect with the south first to find the connection to the north

In addition to that, I believe there to be 24 paths, not 12.  The reason for this is because a path with the south node in houses 1-6 and thus north node in houses 7-12 is different from a path with the reverse because one is learning how to tap into the north node in the outer word and bring it inside, and the other is learning how to calibrate on the outer world to discover one’s self and then bring that back to the outer world.

I go over each path in my program,  Activating Fulfillment with the Nodal Paths.

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