I Help Service-Based Business Owners Leverage Personal Growth and Marketing to Attract Their Ideal Clients

My specialty is helping entrepreneurs identify their purpose, become free from limiting beliefs (such as imposter syndrome, feeling not good enough, etc.) and implement proven marketing principles so they can have a marketing process that flows from their purpose, is fulfilling, and gets them more clients. I accomplish this using my system called The P.R.I.Z.E. Method. 

When providing business coaching and marketing consulting, I work with:

+ Life Coaches, such as those helping others improve their life in relationships, fitness, habits, etc.

+ Business Coaches, such as those helping others with their businesses

+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs, such as those who feel they have a purpose, whether or not they know what that purpose is exactly

+ Energy Workers, such as Reiki practitioners 

+ Clients of Coaches, where coaches will bring me in to help their clients navigate sticking points, identify purpose, and get over those mental blocks once and for all 

+ And anyone else who wants to feel fulfilled in their business and is open to using astrology and energy work to let go of their sticking points and put systems in place to create lasting results

I prefer to work with motivated, driven, and spiritual entrepreneurs who are goal-oriented, have integrity, come from their heart in what they do, and aim to shine their light in the world in a humble yet positively impactful and powerful way.

What makes working with me different is my philosophy comes from meeting and studying other entrepreneurs and realizing that they typically fall into one of two categories:

1) They are highly successful but aren’t fulfilled in their life, OR

2) They struggle to grow their business and are constantly stuck without knowing which way to go, and nothing they do seems to work… until now!

It’s not uncommon for me to hear my clients say they wish they came to me sooner.

That is because of my system, The P.R.I.Z.E. Method...

You see, one of my favorite quotes is this one:

“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards, they try to have more things or more money in order to do more of what they want so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are then do what you need to do in order to have what you want.”
― Margaret Young

So many times people focus on having things, or they get lost in the cycle of doing.  Yet, we aren't human havings or human doings; we are human beings.

The P.R.I.Z.E. Method, which is my method for growing a business, helps you first be who you really are, and then helps you do the things needed to have the business, clients, and financial results you truly want.

Because... your ideal clients are waiting for the true YOU.  So by identifying who you really are and then marketing that, your ideal clients can find you.  It's that simple.


The P.R.I.Z.E. Method


Have you ever wanted to grow your business, yet you just couldn’t figure out why things weren’t working?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Many entrepreneurs go from online course to online course, marketing process to marketing process, chasing hype, giving it their all, and still having very little or nothing to show for it.

Each course/system provider says their process works, and the entrepreneur is left frustrated, wondering why it isn’t working for them. 

There are often 3 reasons why a generic program doesn’t work for an entrepreneur:

1) Other programs map out the creator’s process instead of what the entrepreneur needs (I solve that using astrology)

2) Other programs don’t actually tell the entrepreneur how to assemble all the tools, leaving the entrepreneur stuck with a giant toolbox and no idea how to use them (I solve that using astrology, marketing principles, and more)

3) Other programs don’t address the entrepreneur’s limiting beliefs at all, or they don’t address the root of the beliefs at the unconscious level (it’s not enough to just say “what do you want to believe instead” - keep reading to discover how I solve this)

For right now, let’s focus more on #3, limiting beliefs.

The problem with growing your business is you can’t do it if you have limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome, feeling like a fake, or feeling not good enough. By having limiting beliefs, it’s like a leak in a water pipe; you can turn on the water (the energy, motivation, drive, etc.), but with a leak, the water doesn’t get to the sink. Put another way: Your motivation, drive, and passion for your business can’t land you consistent clients in a predictable way if you have limiting beliefs getting in the way.

Makes sense, right?

This is because the energy from your purpose will leak out through these limiting beliefs, and won’t be able to create a business that attracts your ideal clients consistently that leaves you totally fulfilled.

Luckily, I’ve discovered the solution to this problem…

To grow your business without limiting beliefs you need to:

● Identify Your Purpose So You Can Find What’s Getting in the Way of Being Totally Fulfilled in Your Business So Your Ideal Clients Can Find You

● Then Reprogram Your Mind and Remove Any Limiting Beliefs that Unconsciously Get in the Way of Fulfilling Your Purpose So You Don’t Repel Potential Clients Away

● And Use a System of Marketing that Uses Your Purpose to Bring Clients to You So You Can Fulfill Your Purpose with Something Tangible (Your Business)

If you don’t have your purpose identified, you’ll either:

1) Build a business that doesn’t fulfill you once it is at extremely successful levels, OR

2) Your messaging won’t get your ideal clients to say, “Ah! This is who I’ve been waiting for my entire life!”, OR

3) You won’t have the motivation and drive to actually build your business

If you don’t let go of your limiting beliefs at the unconscious level, the “leaks in the pipe” will prevent the success from reaching you. If you don’t know your purpose, you don’t know what’s getting in the way of it, and you’re bound to miss something when addressing limiting beliefs.

If you don’t implement marketing your purpose in a way that relates to clients, your clients won’t be able to connect with your unique messaging; you’ll either blend in to the other “noise” they experience, or they simply won’t be able to find you. If you try to market without letting go of limiting beliefs, the results just won’t come (like the water leaking out the pipe and never reaching the sink).

So, to grow your business, you need to know your purpose, let go of the sticking points, and implement time-tested marketing principles in a way that connects your purpose to your ideal clients.

Now obviously, that’s easier said than done, right?

That’s why I’ve created The P.R.I.Z.E. Method.

P: Purpose
Your Power, Your Purpose, Your Path: What Is Fulfilling to You at Your Core, Now and Into the Future, So You Don't Go Down a Path You Would Later Regret

People have a hard time finding their purpose on their own because they can’t see how everything connects in their lives. 

It’s like being lost in the woods and not having a map, or being in a maze without having the full picture.

That is why I use your personal map, your astrological chart, to help you find your purpose.

This works because there is a connection between the energy in the Universe at the time of your birth and your path in life.

The type of astrology I practice:

IS NOT your newspaper horoscope astrology;

IS NOT just-tell-you-how-things-are astrology;

IS NOT so woo-woo the astrologer “isn’t on earth” astrology;

BUT IT IS tangible problem-solving astrology that helps you actually solve problems and know which way to go in life and business.

It is astrology you can actually DO something with.

If you follow the chart, the path unfolds.

When you follow your chart through the lens of The P.R.I.Z.E. Method, your business path unfolds.

With your astrological chart is your map, let me be your personal GPS to help you navigate the cycles of life and business.

Tapping into your chart and connecting it to business is a portion of what makes The P.R.I.Z.E. Method powerful.  Don't be fooled by others who claim to give you astrology you can't actually do something with.  And don't be fooled by entrepreneurs who tell you to do something that doesn't resonate with who you are.

Use The P.R.I.Z.E. Method today >>

R: Reprogram
Release/Remove Sticking Points at the Unconscious Level and Reprogram Your Mind for Success 

One limiting belief can derail an entire business.  So, it is important that we identify and then remove the limiting beliefs by reprogramming our mind for success.

It is often said that most people only use 10% of their brain.  That's why thinking you can "just choose what you want to believe instead" doesn't work to become free from your limiting beliefs.

I'm here to help you tap into the remaining 90% of your brain, which is where the limiting beliefs are stored.

While you can attempt to let them go on your own, I would suggest attending my 1-on-1 Reprogram Your Mind Experience, where I take you through steps to identify and completely remove your sticking points, including your limiting beliefs.  This is where I guide you through identifying unconscious beliefs and let them go, once and for all.

The guarantee I give my clients is that whatever problem you came in with will be gone after your Reprogram Your Mind Experience, and you and I will both agree with total congruency that it is gone.

Learn More About the Reprogram Your Mind Experience >>

I: Identify
Identify Your Cycle of Value and Set Your Intention for the Results You Want in Your Business

Now that the energy from your purpose is able to make its way through the pipe because the leaks have been removed during the Reprogram Your Mind Experience, the energy needs a place to go.

That’s why we get clear on what result we are going for and set an intention for our destination.

Just like putting a destination in your GPS and then letting the GPS take you there, this step allows me to be your GPS and guide you using your astrological chart.

It's during this phase where we identify your Cycle of Value.

Your Cycle of Value is how your business directs energy in these 4 ways:

1) How the energy of your purpose is brought into your business

2) How you are fulfilled by serving your customers through your products and services

3) How your customers get some tangible result from engaging with your products and services

4) How the tangible result your customers get from working with you also helps them fulfill their purpose

Z: Zero-In
Zero-In on Your Ideal Client: Tell Me About Your Customer... Who Is Your Customer...Really?

Once we know where we are going, together we identify who we want to attract as clients in our business.

Your astrological chart does provide some insight into this as well, as does the work we did in the previous stages.

Your clients are waiting for your messaging, so in this stage we begin to identify who you want to bring into your business and what messaging we put out there to attract your ideal clients.

Based on your astrological chart, you will perceive your clients in a certain way.  We want to recognize that, and we also want to get super clear on who it is you want as clients in your business.

A friend once asked me, "Why do you often start off by asking clients, 'Tell me about your customer'?"  And the answer is because that's who is buying your product or service.  Even in the dog food business, it's important to know who the customer is... (hint: it's not the dogs!)

So, in this stage, we zero-in on who the customer is, so that we can start attracting them to the business.

E: Execute
Execute by Effectively Implemeting Clienting Attraction Using Time-Tested Marketing Principles and Strategies

Now that we have the previous stages complete, we can attract them into our business using:

LEO: Lead Engagement Offer
How to Use Leo Energy to Courageously Express Your Unique Gifts and Talents to Find Your Clients Who Are Eagerly Looking for You

The marketing in the LEO phase is where we would identify a front-end offer for your ideal clients.  Two of my favorites are either a book or a mini-course.  But there are very specifc things we must do with these offers to truly attract the leads.

MARS: Make Action Realistically Speedy
How to Use Mars Energy to Guide Your Customers to Take Action So They Can Get Results With Your Methods Quickly Which Means They Are More Likely to Get on a Call with You

The marketing in the MARS phase is where we identify what, given your LEO, would help your ideal clients get results faster.  By helping your clients get a specific result faster, they are more likely to want to engage with you further for your higher-ticket offers.  Keep in mind there a very specific way we create the MARS offer so that it helps your client while still demonstrating the value they'd get by working with you further.

LIBRA: Leads Invited to Boost Results and Achievements
How to Use Libra Energy to Relate You and Your Service to the Needs, Wants, and Desires of Your Customer So That They Can Boost their Results With Your Help

From a marketing perspective, this is the phase after your ideal client purchases your front-end offer, before they have purchased your higher-priced offers.  A lot of what occurs in this phase is nurturing, and giving your clients reasons to know, like, and trust you beyond what they already do.  You can then invite them to get the next level of results by scheduling a call with you.

MERCURY: Make Each Result Communicate the Unique Reason “Y”
How to Use Mercury Energy to Communicate in the Way Your Customer Needs So That You Can Close the Deal on the Phone and Start a Business Relationship

From a sales and marketing perpsective, this is all about the sales conversation you have on the phone with the customer.  I break down the sales process in detail in the free report you can get by clicking this link.

And that’s how I do it with The P.R.I.Z.E. Method.

The P.R.I.Z.E. Method is actually quite fast.

Purpose, Reprogram, Identify is all in a single 1:1 all day working session, where I guide you through the processes. It’s designed for people who are finally ready for success.

My goals are to help you truly tap into the energy of your purpose, let go of any sticking points that get in your way, and put marketing systems in place that grow your business.

Instead of wondering which way to go in business and life, my work helps steer you by reading the map that is your astrological chart and guiding you like a GPS on what turns to take each step of the way.

Instead of negative emotions and limiting beliefs getting in the way, my work helps remove those sticking points once and for all through techniques that work, so you can get back to shining your light in your business and making a positive impact in the world.

Instead of getting you all empowered and nowhere to go, my work helps you with creating a business process that brings your unique gifts into the world, fully connecting your astrological map to your business, thus getting you results because by following the chart, the path unfolds.

The core mission behind my work is to help you connect with your own inner light and be able to shine that in the world through the work you do in business and life.

Go to: to schedule a free consultation with me to see if we’d be a good fit or not.

During that call, we’ll look at how your business could become more fulfilling to you, more attractive to potential clients, and more predictably profitable, as well as what your best next steps would be if you decide to pursue this strategy.

Spots are limited, and there’s zero obligation to work with me, but if we do end up being a fit, I’ll invite you to become a private client of mine, where I will go to work getting you in touch with your purpose, taking you through a process to get over your sticking points, and provide clarity in which way to go in your business.

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