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By Combining Dynamic Mind/Body/Spirit Techniques with Powerful Marketing Principles and Tactics, So They Can Be Profitable, Fulfilled, and Happy Every Day

People Say They Only Use 10% of Their Brain.  I'm Here to Help You Tap Into the 90% to Grow Your Business with Ease.

Let me help you create a message that is unique to you and then get it out there so that your ideal clients find you.

Those perfect clients are looking for you, and when your message speaks to them, they end up wondering where you've been their whole life.

I combine entrepreneurship, in particular a unique marketing model, with empowerment, in particular tapping into the 90% of the brain most entrepreneurs will never know about, to empower you with a business that fulfills you and attracts your perfect clients.

We Are Empowered Entrepreneurs...

We know we are here with a greater purpose than just living.  We have a contribution to make to the world by sharing our unique gifts.

We are spiritual beings first, having a physical experience on earth, not the other way around.  We recognize we create our life, our destiny, and our results.

We know it's possible to let go of our limitations, and we regularly practice what brings us closer to knowing who we truly are.

We are more than just entrepreneurs; we are empowered.  We are more than just knowing we can achieve something; we consistently strive to achieve and to become better each and every day.

Our integrity is beyond reproach, we come from our hearts in a calm, centered, and harmonious way, and we live each day for the betterment of ourselves, others, and the world as a whole.

About the Movement 

The P.R.I.Z.E. MEthod Book: the Step-by-Step method

  • Covers each stage of The P.R.I.Z.E. Method so you can grow your business in a way that fulfills you
  • Digital book and audio book included
  • Optional upgrade for a signed physical copy (for a limited time)
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27 MinD-Blowing marketing laws for attracting clients

  • What makes marketing work : Exactly how I improve a client's marketing
  • Bonus: How to Make More Cash from Your About Page with These Little Known Secrets
  • Bonus : Reviews of websites I found online and how they could improve using the Laws
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1-on-1 Marketing Consultation To Get You More Clients

  • Need a marketing strategy, campaign design, or someone to take care of all or a portion of your marketing?
  • Let's discuss your needs on this free call to see how I may be able to help you and your unique business needs
  • There's no obligation; if you are stuck or want help growing your business, I want to help, so schedule a call now
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The Empowered Entrepreneur Show

The Empowered Entrepreneur Show podcast is available on all major podcast networks as well as on its own website.  The podcast focuses on discovering your purpose, reprogramming your mind for success, and attracting an abundance of clients to your business.  The podcasts are also cross-posted to a YouTube channel of its own.

The Rise Above Your Chart Channel

The Rise Above Your Chart YouTube channel focuses on a variety of ways for you to be able to use astrology to navigate the cycles of life, business, and relationships.  In addition to topics of interest, I regularly post a moon update which can help you navigate life.  If you want to learn astrology, check out the Programs page.

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If you want to grow your business using The P.R.I.Z.E. Method, a great place to start is to pre-order the book today.  When the book comes out, you'll get the digital copy of the book and the audio book.

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